10 New Rainbow Crochet Patterns + More Photo Inspiration

I always smile when I see crochet patterns that have the suggestion of a rainbow color palette. Here are ten new rainbow crochet patterns for you followed by some additional photos just for inspiration.

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Rainbow Crochet Patterns

rainbow crochet tunic free pattern

Rainbow crochet tunic free pattern @crochet_stuff. The colors of the rainbow are not in rainbow order here but they’re all represented, which gives it an updated wearable sense of style.

julie_accrochet crochet rainbow pattern

Convertible rainbow cowl hat crochet pattern for sale from ACCROchet. It’s always fun to play with convertible patterns that can be work multiple ways. It’s even more fun when they are the colors of the rainbow!

crochet rainbow afghan free pattern

Tunisian entrelac rainbow afghan free crochet pattern by @afcap. It’s so fun to crochet Tunisian entrelac (see my tutorial here) and making it in rainbow colors just adds a great twist.

crochet blanket pattern

Plaited throw crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton who always comes up with the best crochet patterns and often works them in a rainbow hue. I love that this one has rainbow stripes but an edging in totally different colors.

rainbow granny square crochet blanket

Rainbow granny square crochet blanket pattern free @redheartyarns by @jessie_athome. There’s not much I love more than making a large crochet granny square blanket!

crochet blanket pattern

Abacus blanket crochet pattern for sale from @feltedbutton; another great example of her creative use of rainbow colors and fun stitches!

rainbow crochet blanket pattern

Diagonal Rainbows Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Pattern free from @UCrafter who used a subtle rainbow palette here that I think works great with the c2c texture. See my c2c tutorial here.


Rainbow ripple free crochet blanket pattern from @afcap, because who doesn’t love a ripple?!

crochet motif pattern

Crochet motif free pattern from Suz Place; combine a bunch of them for a rainbow motif blanket!

rainbow crochet phone cord tutorial

Rainbow crochet phone cord tutorial from @JBHcrochet to brighten up your devices!

Rainbow Crochet Inspiration

Eye candy for your rainbow-loving eyes. (@name indicates the maker can be found on Instagram)

rainbow wolf crochet art by v

Rainbow wolf crochet art by Felieke van der Leest

tintocktap crochet rainbow blanket

Rainbow-inspired crochet square by @tintocktop

olivesandpickles rainbow crochet blanket

Beautiful rainbow crochet hexi blanket from @olivesandpickles

louizamakes crochet rainbow unicorn

Rainbow crochet unicorn from @louiza_makes

crochet rainbow by flo

Crochet rainbow by Flo

Kathleen's Rainbow Crochet MandalasForMarinke

Rainbow crochet mandala by Kathleen

mosaicwench rainbow crochet shawl

@mosaicwench is working up this rainbow delight

vanessakind crochet rainbow granny square

Crochet rainbow granny square from @vanessakind

mobiusgirl crochet rainbow hexie blanket

Crochet rainbow blanket from @mobiusgirl – it’s not 100% rainbow but you can definitely see the inspiration in the color layout of the motifs

caswelljones rainbow colorful crochet blanket

Rainbow colored crochet blanket by @caswelljones

amyflower_vintage_handknits crochet rainbow granny

Rainbow granny stripe from @amyflower_vintage_handknits

rafsweetheart rainbow crochet bunting

Rainbow crochet coasters from @rafsweetheart

thatgirlwhocrochets rainbow crochet diagonal stripes

Rainbow on the diagonal from thatgirlwhocrochets

oliviartcreations crochet octopus rainbow stripe huge

Rainbow crochet octopus from @oliviartcreations – I love the way that the pink replaces red in this rainbow hue and there’s a splash of variegated yarn to break up the rainbow

thepolkadotgiraffe rainbow crochet ripple star

Rainbow ripple star crochet blanket from @thepolkadotgiraffe

rainbow crochet mandalasformarinke

Rainbow crochet mandala by Laura

rainbow granny square crochet blanket

Rainbow granny square crochet blanket in the book Afghan Traditions

polkadottedrainbows crochet colorful granny

A different way to make a rainbow granny crochet blanket – from @polkadottedrainbows

mariwish rainbow crochet blanket basket

And another by @mariwish … So many ways to sprinkle the rainbow through your crochet pieces!

rainbow crochet pomdermy troy emery

Rainbow pom-dermy sculpture by Troy Emery

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