20 Beautiful Crochet Umbrellas and Patterns

20 Beautiful Crochet Umbrellas and Patterns You Will Love!

You are going to fall in love with these beautiful crochet umbrellas. And, if you are of a notion, we have fun easy umbrella patterns to make your own too! There is something about a crochet lace umbrella or parasol that screams “romantic”, making these umbrellas perfect for weddings and photographs. These beautiful umbrellas are …

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23 Beautiful Crochet Swimsuits

23 Most Beautiful Crochet Swimsuits that are Stylish and Fun

Crochet swimsuits are making a huge splash! Not only are they beautiful but they are also unique and fun! From teeny tiny bikinis to boy shorts and one-piece suits, you have to admit they are stylish! In this collection, we have gathered a few of our very favorites that we want to share with you. …

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15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors

15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

When it comes to wedding favors, you want them to be beautiful, unique, and thoughtful. What can be better than gorgeous handmade crochet wedding favors?! In this collection, we are featuring a few of our very favorites. These beautiful wedding favors are perfect for not only your bridal party, but also your wedding guests. It’s …

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50 Best Crochet Books

50 of the Best Crochet Books Perfect for all Crocheters

This amazing compilation is comprised of the best crochet books and is a crocheter’s delight! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crocheter simply looking for new inspiration, I am sure you will find something that catches your eye. Featured in the collection are books for everyone including some of the Best Crochet Pattern …

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20 Lovely Images for Needleworkers

20 Lovely Images of Needleworkers in Action for Inspiration

There are so many photos out there of lovely needleworkers in action and they are all so inspiring! I love this collection of crocheters and knitters for the simple reason they make me smile. Crocheting and knitting are long-stand crafts that have been practiced over the years and throughout the world. So, is it any …

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24 Favorite Crocheters on Instagram

24 Favorite Crocheters To Follow on Instagram for Ideas

When it comes to crochet inspiration, we just can’t seem to get enough, right? Well, we wanted to share a few of our favorite crocheters to follow on Instagram! There is so much cuteness and creativity, you will never run out of crochet ideas to try. In addition, several of these offer free patterns, so …

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30 Best Crochet Shops on Etsy

30 Best Crochet Shops On Etsy for Fabulously Unique Finds

If you are a lover of all things crochet, you will love browsing through the best crochet shops on Etsy for fun and unique finds! From blankets to clothing, handbags and totes, to organizing baskets, toys, and more, we have found the best shops to find the most unique and well-made items. Whether you are …

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