21 Unique Crochet Hats That Are Sure To Amaze You!

Even if you’re a total crochet newbie, a hat is a perfect project to get on your hook.

They can often be completed with basic stitches, work up quickly, and the finished garment makes a great gift or practical item to keep for yourself!

A basic pattern is the ideal starting place for a beginner, but what about experienced crocheters?

Don’t worry! There are plenty of unique and challenging hat patterns out there, too.

We’ve rounded up some stand-outs here. Check them out and choose your favorite!

21 Unique Crochet Hats

A hat is a project that any crocheter can tackle. A simple beanie is a practical and accessible project for a beginner, but there are tons of other creative crochet hats out there, too!

Check out some of these crochet hats and hat patterns. We've included some simple but attractive classic styles and plenty of unique ones, too.

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